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The Puppies
August 4 - Summary of the last 2.5 weeks.  The visit to the vet was great.  I piled them into the back of the SUV with one of their comforters.  They were the very best babies.  Charming all that saw them.  The end of that week until today has been a bittersweet time for me. Today is their 10 week birthday and none of the our beautiful babies are here any longer.   Over the past 1.5 weeks their new families have come here, excited and happy and taken their new baby home.  I am happy because all of the babies have exceptional homes with great familes. Below are new family portiates.  I will be shifting to individual web pages for each puppy and am looking forward to updates and pictures.
Diabla - 10 weeks: Going home to SF and a great life with Joe & Doug
Ginny2 - 8.5 weeks:   Leaving with Steve & Pat to train to be a hunter
Greenie - 8.5 weeks:  Taking a trip to new home with Keiko & Michael
Charlie - 8.5 weeks:  Preparing to get ing the car with his adoring new 'mom' Marrisa
Roman - 9 weeks:  Going to live & love near the water with Candy & Steve
Betulla - 8.5 weeks:  Her new family came, and she was ready to go home with the Buchholzs
Bruce - 8.5 weeks:  Joy, happiness and love await him and the Vissers, his new family