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5 Weeks
The Puppies
June 30 - 5 weeks old today. They had their first 'outings'  to the puppy pen during this week. Yesterday they spent the whole day out of the whelping box, of course they came in just before dark.  They loved it outside. They ran their little puppy run, they jumped each other  growl-ing and 'barking' with their little puppy voices. They really  are 'puppies' now.   It is hard to believe how much they eat.  Mom still  feeds them, but does not lay down with them very often. 
They like attention from us; to be picked up and get  cuddled.  They seem to think that my chin is there for them to lick and my nose tends to remind them of Mom. 
They are sooooooo cute!!!
# 1 7.25 lb  Female   'Red Girl'  Adorable &  loveable
#29.25 lb Female  'Bluboo'  Strong & Adverterous 
#37.25 lb Female  'Little Greenie'  Curious & 'nosey"
#4 8.75 lb Male   'Charlie'  Very mellow fellow
#59.25 lb Male  'Purple boy' Mellow  & Curious
#67.25 lb Female 'Sweet Pinkie'  Nosey &  Curious
#711.0 lb Male  'Navy Baby'  Big & lovable like Dad 
Ghost eyes