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6 Weeks
The Puppies
July 7 - 6 weeks old today.  They spend all day outside, of course they have a have a warn snuggy place when it gets chilly or they poop out.  They love it outside they ran and play and tug on various toys.  The adults usually watch from the outside of the pen and the puppies hang out by the fence watching them. It is hard to believe how much they eat or how much they have gained.  Mom still  feeds them, but they are now 4 meals a day.  They love attention and all come tumbling out of their cozy sleeping place when we call.  Every evening they come in the house and spend their time running around and 'terriozing' the adults. Then back to the whelping box for the night.
# 1 10 lb  Female   'Red Girl'  Adorable & high energy
#211.5 lb Female  'Bluboo'  Strong & Adverterous 
#39.75 lb Female  'Little Greenie'  Curious & 'nosey"
#4 12 lb Male   'Charlie'  Very mellow fellow
#512.75 lb Male  'Purple boy' Mellow  & Curious
#69.75 lb Female 'Sweet Pinkie'  Nosey &  Curious
#715.25 lb Male  'Baba (Navy Baby)'  Big & lovable 
I Call him Check Off see the check on his chest