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The Third Week

I keep talking about how fast the babies have grown, because they do.   Their eyes and ears are now open and they can see and hear quite well.  They can move around very good, the are playing with each other.  During this week they started to 'eat' other food.  I give them goats milk, thinned a bit with baby rice cereal.  They tend to swim in their food.  Dar likes this because she loves to clean them up after eating. Their personalities are beginning to show, watch for my comments on their individual line.  
They are sooooooo cute!!!
# 1  4.8 lb Desi Silver Male  
 This big boy is adventurous, but really likes to have someone keep him company.
#2  4.6 lb  Annie SilverFemale
A very calm even tempered girl, so sweet.
#3  4.4 lb  Nellie SilverFemale
This little girl makes me laugh, she is a clown.
#4 4.0 lb Beth SilverFemale
Another quiet and sweet little girl.  She likes to pal around with Mu
#5  3.6 lb Mu  SilverMale
OMG what a cutie.  Hangs back a bit wants to know what is going on before joining in
#6  3.4 lb Jo  Silver Male
This guy is a snuggler, frequently found on the bottom of the pile. 
#7  3.8 lb  Carinie  SilverFemale
The most adventurous of the girls, she likes to tour the whelping box.