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The Sixth Week

During the past week, the babies have been going outside. They started with an hour in the morning and now have progressed to eating breakfast outside and staying out until just before dark. They really love it outside and now have explored almost the whole puppy pen. I put a tube in the puppy pen, and they love it, running through it and trying to drag it around.  I even found a small group sleeping in it. That is a sample of how they now play. They are learning to 'go out' to do their business. They can't hold it so they need to be out when the 'urge' hits.​
They are sooooooo cute!!!
# 1   12.4 lb     Silver Male  
#2  10.8 lb     SilverFemale
#3   12.2 lb      SilverFemale
#4   11.2 lb     SilverFemale
#5   11.2 lb    SilverMale
#6   13.2 lb    Silver Male
#7    11.2 lb   SilverFemale
This big boy is adventurous, he has been climbing out of the box and exploring the great room. He is very confident and hold his tail high and proud like his Dad.
​The most adventurous of the girls, she is the first to get out of the box and spends a lot time exploring. She and Desi were the first explorers.
This guy is a snuggler, frequently found on the bottom of the pile.  Runs through the tube just for the heck of it.  A charming confident boy.
OMG what a cutie. He wants to know what is going on before joining in. He is quite people oriented, comes running to me when I go into the puppy pen.
A quiet and sweet little girl. She likes to pal around with Mu when not exploring on her own.  She is very playful.
This little girl makes me laugh, she is a clown. Climbs out of the box to sleep with Mom and maybe get a snack.  She likes to explore on her own.
A very calm even tempered girl, so sweet and funny. I love to pick her up and she gets excited and licks and licks.  She made a pal of Kittie from Isis' litter.