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The Eighth Week

I really can't believe that these puppies are now 8 weeks old.  They will soon be leaving for their new homes.  It is sad for me and I will miss each and every one of them.  This week we are featuring their trip to the vet for a wellness check up and their 8 week old vaccinations.  They were very good babies just a little scared.  They did cause a stir in the vets office as I carried them in one by one.  They love their evening play time in the great room.  They run from one end to the other.  We have only had an occasional poo accident.​

They are sooooooo cute!!!
# 1   17.8 lb     Silver Male  
#2  17.5 lb     SilverFemale
#3   17.4 lb      SilverFemale
#4   17.5 lb     SilverFemale
#5   16.9 lb    SilverMale
#6   19.2 lb    Silver Male
#7    17.4 lb   SilverFemale
This big boy is adventurous and affectionate, loves exploring and attention.  He comes to the sound of my voice and wants to be the center of attention. He is very confident and hold his tail high and proud like his Dad.
​Carinie is a lot of fun.  She stays very close to me and is going to be a devoted companion. She is a joy to play with and to look at. She is going to be a great dog.
This guy boy has grown up so fast.  Suddenly he is the biggest of the 2 litters.  I notice that he sleeps a lot I guess he needs a lot of rest since he is growing so fast.  He is a snuggle bug.
What a striking boy Mu is.  He has the bluest eyes of all and great big ears.  His coat is very sleek.  He has a great disposition and loves to play.
A quiet and sweet little girl. She has gotten sweeter every day. She likes to be picked up and talked to.  A true Weimaraner she loves the attention.  She is very playful as well.
Another great puppy.  She wants to be the center of attention, but is happy to be one of the crowd too. Very playful she has lots of fun. Boxes are a favorite of hers.
A very calm even tempered girl, so sweet and funny. She is going to be a great natural hunter like her older brother Boggs.  She points and is relentless when stalking her sibs.  I love her manners.