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The Forth Week

They walk, they run and bound upon each other. They are now full fledged puppies.  They wrestle with each other and themselves.  They like to chew, because they are now getting their 'milk teeth' , those little needles in their mouths.  Today they got some chicken instead of baby rice cereal, they thought it was a little strange, but liked it a lot.  It was so hot out today they only got a little time out in the puppy pen with the older litter.  But every one had to come in by noon. They can't be alone outside yet until they are able to drink at will and get out of the sun. They are sooooooo cute!!!
# 1  6.2 lbs   Kittie      Silver Female
This little girl is another cutie.  She is calm and collected and loves to tug with Stephie.
#2  6.0 lbs  Stephie    SilverFemale
She is pals with Kittie. Sometimes they get into a disagreement, and she can be tough. 
#3  7.8 lbs   Bubba    SilverMale
A big sweet boy with very blue eyes, lots of wrinkles and extra skin.
#4 6.8 lbs   Sammy   Silver Male
Funny little boy who likes to stick his tongue out, very snugly.
#5   6.6 lbs  Jimmy   SilverMale
A very steady fellow, much sweeter than that sour puss expression.
#6   6.2 lbs  Tina  Silver Female
This little girl is so sweet and calm.  She pals around with Sammy and Jimmy.