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Isis & Boggs
The Seventh Week

As I write this these babies are really 7.5 weeks old and not babies anymore.  They are full fleged puppies.  They run and play and wag their tails when I talk to them.  They are having so much fun I just love to watch them play.   They now have very individual personalities.  I had some of my  puppy petters with children over and they all loved it. They were climbing in and out of their empty wading pool so I filled it with water and now they think it is a giant water bowl.  We are having a very cool summer so I have not put them in the pool yet. I will when it gets hot again.​
They are sooooooo cute!!!
# 1 16.0 lb     Silver Female  
Gracie (Kittie)
#2  15.6 lb     SilverFemale
Tati (Stephie)
#3   17.8 lb      Silver Male
Bubba (Danny)
#4   16.8 lb     Silver Male
#5   16.4 lb    SilverMale
#6   14.8 lb    Silver Female
Greta (Tina)
This girl is so much fun.  She, like her namesake likes to pal around with Stephie. She is a great sleeper and energic player. She is confident and holds her tail high.
Such a fun little girl.  She is playful and serious at the same time.  A sweet girl she is still not a push over.  She likes to play with Desi from Dar's litter. A very stylish girl.
He still pals around with Sammy. He is a sweet boy that likes to play. He and Sammy stick together a lot and i think they will be very much the same. He still makes his little grunty noises. A fun puppy.
A very hansome and sweet boy. He has been on the bottom of the wrestling pile a bit.  He is not a pushover, but is a good sport. likes to watch everything going on around him.  He is playful but, thoughtful, I like his style.
This big boy makes me laugh, he is like his mother and uses his paw a lot. He was the first to require a big boy collar.  What a sweet boy's boy. He is happy to be alone.
A great fun and very calm even tempered girl, so sweet and funny. I love to pick her up.  She is very brave and stands up to the bigger boys. She and Kittie have been pals since they were born.ter.