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Isis & Boggs
The Eighth WeeK

Not such babies anymore.  They are now adorable puppies.  I love to talk to them, they wag their little tails and are so happy. When they play in the great room in the evening they have so much fun, they run from one end to the other.  Throw themselves on the big dog bed.  They love to get into the toy basket and choose a toy. It is such a joy to watch them, they have so much fun.   Bubba has been asserting his own personality, he loves to sleep in a quiet spot and so when he is ready for bed he  disappears. They freeze when put on the scale or table at the vets.​
They are sooooooo cute!!!
# 1 17.5 lb     Silver Female  
Gracie (Kittie)
#2  16.3 lb     SilverFemale
Tati (Stephie)
#3   19.6 lb      Silver Male
Bubba (Danny)
#4   19.5 lb     Silver Male
#5   18.1 lb    SilverMale
#6   15.3 lb    Silver Female
Greta (Tina)
Gracie is so darned cute and sweet.  She will come to say hello even when her food is just put down.  She gives nice gentle kisses. What a love bug.  I will really miss her.
Greta is so beautiful she is a star.  She is very lithe and agile.  I have to watch my step,because she may be under my feet.  She likes to be close to me.  Such a fun little girl and a little of a tom boy giving her bigger male litter mates something to think about.  Still a very stylish girl.
I love this little boy.  He is a character.  See how he hammed it up at the vets. He really likes to play, but is so sweet that he is often the chewee, but he does not let the others push him around either. He still makes his little grunty noises. A fun puppy.
A very large hansome boy. He had a growth spurt and look what happened, he almost cought up with Bubba.  He is going to be a big boy. He is a happy fellow who loves to eat and play and is just a cute as can be.   I am lucky he will be staying with us and Jimmy a bit longer
OMG look at those ears, I think Bubba is doing his bloodhound imitation.  He is our biggest boy and is just a sweet. He me laugh, he looks so serious and sincere. He is happy to be alone, but also loves to cuddle and will grow up to be a great snuggler.
What a beautiful little girl.  She has the best expressions, a super model.  She loves to be picked up and cuddled.  She is very brave and stands up to the bigger boys and won't be bullied. She is a very stylish girl and a bit of a licker too.