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This the third breeding of these 2 dogs.  We have been so happy with the puppies they have produced that we deceided to repeat it again this year.  These babies, 7 of them,  arrived April 17th.  We will be following this litter very closely  and there will be new pictures of the babies weekly.  To start with there are a few pictures of the weeks leading up to the birth.  Each week come here to find out how Dar and the  puppies are progressing.
Big & Dars Nuptials and weeks of pregnancy     

5/8/12 - 3 Weeks old 
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MOM - DAR @ 6mos
DADDY - BIG @ 3mo
Big and Dar in the field
The babies are here  4 males and 3 females - click here to see
4/24/12 - 1 Week old 
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5/1/12 - 2 Weeks old 
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5/15/12 - 4 weeks old
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5/22/12 - 5 weeks old
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5/29/12  6 weeks old  Click to see

6/12/12 -  8 weeks old 
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Going Home 
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6/5/12 - 7 weeks old Click to see